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thinking hr mission

our purpose & mission

the story for 2019 and beyond


Without goals, where are going & Who are we?

Through 5 focused and specific development channels, we help:

  • grow and support individual and organisational performance

  • using a team of smart talent that creates intelligent solutions based on huge experience

  • on a global scale

  • with tangible outcomes that focus on improved financial performance

we’d like to see everyone have the confidence to explore all the possibilities their talent will take them to
— J Fillingham 2019

Our vision for the 21st century

To see everyone succeed and make their organisation successful, however that is defined for them, but have the opportunity to explore their potential and stretch the boundaries of their thinking and the possibilities of what could be, in a healthy and safe working environment.

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Business & economies are circular (cyclical)

Ying and yang, ebb and flow, change is constant and getting faster.

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our story


Our story: 27 years of research & experience have led us here…

The journey, 27 years long, after much experimentation, trials and testing in the field of Human Capital Management, here we are in 2019!

The world has changed a lot since our journey began in 1991. Working with a trade union (GMB) and then onto small and family businesses, then larger organisations with investment house owners to blue chip corporations with over 300,00 employees, our industry and employer partnership breadth and depth is significant.

So you know when you book a service or a place on a workshop, you are in the hands of experts who have real life experience but always keep up to date with what’s going on. SMART INSIGHT!


grow lgbt+ leader skills

power up your presence
— J Fillingham

LGBTQ+ leadership:
train with experts

Grow your leadership skills in a like minded community setting that you feel safe to discuss key issues affecting you.



  • grow your leadership skills and become a role model

  • diversity culture diagnostics - inform strategy

  • board presentations - get traction with senior leaders

Reflect and discuss the personal challenges facing LGBTQ+ community members in workplace and leadership roles in a safe and comfortable environment, shaping together, real life solutions.

Shape organisational diversity strategy and build the business case for diversity to present to your senior leadership in your organisation.

Our next event is:



learning events for diverse leader groups

Reflect and discuss the personal challenges facing diverse community members in the workplace and in leadership roles, in a safe and comfortable environment, shape together, real life solutions.

Join our regular group reflection meetings.


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global mba online

stand out from the crowd - globalise your education
— with a truly global MBA

get a global career boost

Accelerate your career and add key global understanding to your credibility.


for busy senior HR business professionals

  • accredited MBA degree with a top 10 Forbes listed University Business School

  • 100% online

  • great pricing!

Truly build your HR Business Partnering skills and learn how to add real value to your organisation with this 100% online global MBA, study at a time convenient to you!

We have partnered with a Forbes top 10 listed American University Business School who offer great education at a great price!

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a new approach to hiring

great hires make great companies
— J Fillingham

revolutionise your recruitment

Save money on bad hires. Reduce your engagement strategy budget with self motivated workers who don’t need to be over managed.


Motivation based interviewing:
a new methodology for hiring managers

  • new approach to interview questions

  • new approach to conducting interviews

  • recruit motivated and focused talent

Discover the revolutionary method of motivation based interviewing to find great hires and reduce costs and burden of management.

Recruitment Process Evolution

Designed with you - a new foundation for discovering great talent:


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hr analytics - the smart tool of HR


better decisions come from better information
— HR data - predictive analytics the easy way

quickly implement human capital analytics

fast, responsive and easy to implement. Not words you usually here about HR analytics.


HR predictive analytics software for better strategic HR decisions

The easiest route, even with the most basic of HR data from payroll or any HR system, to analyse and predict trends in key HR areas. Multi stakeholder reporting levels.

  • the system does all the work - brilliantly

  • get cleansed data and an easy to read dashboard

  • scenario planning to aid HR strategic decisions

HR analytics hard work is has already been done for you. A fast 30 days implementation period.

ISO International Human Resource Standards
for government workforce strategy and large organisations

  • iso approved international hr standards

  • applicable in every country - integrate into global workforce strategy

  • metrics and analytics to deliver on every standard - prove your value

International HR Standards Advisory Panel

Adopt and implement global Human Capital standards with the help of a panel of internationally renowned experts.

Get accredited and benchmark your organisation against the world’s leading organisations.


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