Talent Management - the Art of Engagement Masterclass

Friday, 2nd December, 2016, 9.00am - 4.30pm



DeVere Holborn Bars, Holborn, London



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Recent praise for the event:

"It's challenged my thinking and that's exactly what I needed" - Louisa P. HRBP, NHS Trust.


"This event has given a whole bag of ideas in which to draw from" - Chinwar W. HR Manager, Oil Company


How can we, even in these troubled times excite, keep momentum alive in motivating and involving our staff in the business of daily organisational life? How can this fit into our talent management strategy and what can we do to get the biggest return on our efforts?

This masterclass shows you how to create flexible strategies to truly achieve deep engagement throughout your teams, their players and your organisation as a whole, depending on your organisational type.

Challenging change, tougher performance management, changes in social dynamics and a new breed of demanding employee, all equals a BIG challenge for organisations in retaining and engaging employees.

Engaged teams produce better results, engaged individuals give more, the X factor in going that extra mile that delights our customers and service receivers.

Can we confidently explain to our stakeholders what engagement means?

Key Benefits

This workshop will enable you to:

  1. Define engagement in your organisational context
  2. Identify the causes of dis-engagement and define a truly engaged employee
  3. Explain in a convincing way, the benefits and business case for focusing on engagement
  4. Identify the 4 Enablers of engagement and design a strategy around them
  5. Leverage the main 6 areas of HR for organisational engagement benefit
  6. Understand the new theories of motivation and adjust engagement activities to suit different generational employee profiles
  7. Understand the nature of 'talent' in light of new research
  8. Consider where engagement is going in the light of future organisational change
  9. Design activities to support employee engagement after significant change

Who Should Attend?

  • Line managers who want to develop their team engagement knowledge and skills
  • Aspirational HR team members who want to know exactly what is required to develop engagement in their organisation who are keenly interested in this area
  • HR professionals or those in the HR team with responsibility for driving performance through people development
  • Senior managers/directors who want to explore fully the range of options for engaging teams in their organisations to increase performance and results


    Talent Management - The Art of Engagement,
    Focus Areas



    • A brief history of engagement and creating a definition of relevance for today
    • What does this mean in the context of your organisation?
    • What does a truly engaged employee look like?
    • The profile and competencies of engagement expert
    • Understanding your current position – engagement diagnostics (beyond the survey)

    building a business CASE FOR AN ENGAGEMENT culture

    • The problems with leadership
    • How to convince the non-believers - creating the right business case
    • Linking engagement to relevant organisational goals and metrics
    • Case studies for every organisation - NHS, Lanchashire council, M&S, PWC, Rentokil, Welsh Government
    • Measuring the ROI of engagement activities

    the enablers of engagement - building a strategy

    • External influences affecting engagement - the changing labour market, generation x, y, z and loyalty challenges
    • Organisational Factors that case dis-engagement - the price of change
    • The 4 key enablers and drivers of engagement in any organisation
    • Aligning engagement goals and plans to your organisation's strategic position
    • Different approaches to engagement - 6 areas of consideration
    • Transformational vs Transactional Engagement activities

    Leveraging HR

    Using the 6 building blocks of HR to add value to engagement strategies and create a engagement channel

    • Re-thinking 'Talent' and it's definition, have we got it all wrong? What disengages people most in HR processes?
    • How to develop talent aqcuisition processes to initiate the employment relationship in the right way
    • How to build talent development opportunities as a key engagement tool
    • How to get creative with talent retention reward packages
    • How to create an engagement culture to stimulate results and take care of well being
    • How to capitalise on social media to engage through internal communication
    • How to utilise organisational design principles to improve work design and decision making
    • How to enable CSR activities to boost the purpose links

    tools and techniques for growing engagement

    • The top 12 actions for building and growing engagement levels
    • Understanding new theories of motivation
    • Overcoming barriers
    • The employee engagement survey - a new perspective
    • Survey alternatives

    the future of engagement

    • What key thought leaders are saying
    • Building in flexibility to your strategy
    • Anticipating your organisational changes with capability building
    • Supporting leaders and managers for the future - the 20 steps

    Engagement in tough times and change turbulence

    • How to re-build teams after major change surgery
    • How to deploy critical communication tools
    • Firing up morale after major trauma
    • Creating focus in difficult situations
    • How to re-engage (after change or merger situations)

    This highly interactive event will include practical exercises and multiple case studies to embed learning.

    Your Expert Masterclass Leader

    Your expert for this masterclass is JOHN FILLINGHAM, with over 23 years experience in the engagement 'business' in organisaitons. JOHN has his own experience of improving engagement scores (typically by 10-12% every where he went) with his own very hands on style and combined with the latest research into this subject area, brings you some very interesting stories to share.

    More praise (some people call them reviews, for the event):

    "A truly inspirational day...I feel fired up myself to go out and make some changes and I understand people and their drivers so much better - it was made simple to understand." : Shirely W. - HR Manager -Engineering company.


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