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hiring great talent

fresh thinking in recruitment processes

People are recruited to give results, not excuses

war for talent means fresh thinking in recruitment

More and more organisations are finding it difficult to:

  • Attract the right talent

  • Find the right skill sets

  • Interview motivated individuals who are passionate about their work

  • Hire great problem solvers who take responsibility for making things happen

Making the wrong choice is a costly mistake. It not only wastes people’s time but slows down organisational performance and gets everyone frustrated.

There are ways to:

  1. reduce costs

  2. improve candidate pools

  3. easily filter out unsuitable candidates

61% of employees say the realities of their new job differ from expectations set during the interview process.
— April 2019


What solutions do you need?

Hiring great talent comes with fresh thinking.

That involves using a completely different methodology when it comes to the focus of your questions in the recruitment process.

Using a technique called Motivation Based Interviewing, it challenges the very idea of what it means to hire great talent.

With 2 very important areas of focus, interview questions are re-designed to ensure you find self motivated, passionate problem solvers and a new interviewing style is used to create a different atmosphere in the recruitment process.

However to do that, you need to create a different candidate experience by hiring managers.

As you can see from the above statistic, many candidates get a glossy picture of what organisational life is really like.

That’s just one part of the story. Candidates need to feel relaxed so they speak honestly, rather than from a script - that requires a very specific skill from an interviewer.

Here’s how we deliver on this:

hiring great talent


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