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Henry Ford said..."A business that is just a business, is not a business". What he was alluding to is that we do not operate in a vacuum. We function in a community, in a wider world, where national and global accountability are becoming increasingly important.

People's lives are integrated into how we operate in society. What kind of footprint then do we leave, what kind of positive contribution to the bigger picture do we really make?

Do we treat people fairly and justly? Are we unconsciously biased towards certain groups and not even aware of it?


Not only is this about being accountable it's also setting an example for others to follow. That very crucially means inside as well as outside (in the way we deal with suppliers, customers as well as the environment) so that our leadership and management is based on appropriate ethics, that are not only acceptable in societal norms but potentially challenge trends for the positive.


How the outside world perceives us is integrated with our ethics and behaviours, as well as our mindset and our example inside that others follow. Our brand is mirror of our ethics and values. Therefore if you want to engage with your customers more effectively as well as your staff, then look in the mirror and ask yourself, am I using the right values here? How does that reflect in our systems, behaviours, rewards and direction given?


Brand damage, legal implications (as the laws on ethics are finally being put in place) and environmental measurements are just some of the significant and costly risks your organisation if it ignores the way it goes about it's business. News paper and magazine headlines (including glassdoor) are full the woeful stories of bad behaviour getting caught out (with silent applause from many).


As public scrutiny has tightened, so has the need to educate, train and support boards (including non execs) in their roles as directors and centre stage leaders of the organisation. With the phenomena that is social media, transparent accountability at all levels is no longer a nice to have but a must.

Our masterclass series includes:

  • Keeping afloat - Navigating Board Development in choppy waters
  • The unseen enemy- unconscious bias in corporate culture

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