The Advanced Presenter Masterclass

Friday, 14th November, 2016, 9.00am - 4.30pm



DeVere Holborn Bars, Holborn, London


£595.00 - limited spaces

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Recent praise for the event:

"Fantastic 2 days, I really enjoyed every part, thank you" - Peter C. HRBP, Food manufactuer


"Wonderful practical event, it's really boosted my confidence" - Rosa G. L&D administrator, Pharmaceutical


During this lively and highly interactive course, participants develop individual presentations and apply their learning as they go.

This is a practical workshop involving ‘in the moment’ expert coaching. Strengths and weaknesses are identified, new methods for improving performance are highlighted and practiced. Learning is enhanced by group feedback, video camera support.

Easy to use reference materials enable the new skills to be applied immediately when in real work situations.


HR Business and Learning and Development professionals must perform in front of many different types of audience. Presenting business cases and leading initiatives that prove they can add value to the business.

The ability to present to senior levels across the spectrum of different disciplines with confidence, clarity and with a focused business outcome is critical for credibility. 

We focus on learning and practicing how to deliver successful presentations with credibility, confidence and clarity which achieve meaningful results for both the presenter and make real connections with the audience.

Key Benefits

This masterclass will empower you to:

  1. Plan, prepare and deliver presentations which achieve their objectives
  2. Practice delivering structured and effective presentations
  3. Explain complex ideas in the simplest way
  4. Select an appropriate presentation style to suit the audience and subject using the 4 social styles flexibly to gain rapport and have influence
  5. Use a wide range of delivery tools and media
  6. Practice ways to think in the moment and handle challenging audiences
  7. Close your presentation with clarity about what has been achieved, what has been agreed and next steps

Who Should Attend?

  • Learning and Development professionals who want to role model best practice when presenting and facilitating
  • Aspirational L&D and HR team members who want to develop their personal presentation skills
  • HR professionals or those in the HR team who want to maximise their potential and drive better results for their organisation and who will be presenting to Board level business cases, reporting on metrics and HR success


    The Advanced Presenter, Masterclass Focus Areas


    This masterclass will empower you to:

    Session 1 – Introductions

    • Define what makes a powerful presenter and a successful presentation
    • Participate in a warm up facilitated session to get participants thinking about what good looks and feels like

    Session 2 – Where are you now?

    • Raise awareness of how you currently come across and consider the impact you wish to have in order to deliver presentations with confidence, credibility and clarity
    • Highly interactive, intensive and in the moment learning with expert coaches, video and feedback

    Session 3 - Mind and body

    • Learn how to get your mindset right
    • Understand the importance of your physiology and the significance of unconscious messaging and influence
    • Become aware of how you stand , the power of eye contact, how you sound, how to pause and how to improve voice projection
    • Learn how to manage anxieties

    Session 4 Preparing to succeed

    Key considerations:

    • Starting with the end in mind.
    • Getting clarity on what you want to achieve as essential part of preparation
    • What does your audience think and feel now?
    • What do you want them to think, feel, say or do?
    • What will engage them, what will influence them?

    Session 5 - Gaining permission to proceed

    • All participants will practice the opening/ introduction to a real presentation
    • Having high impact when you open,
    • Connecting immediately with your audience.
    • Setting out what you will be covering and why

    Session 6 - Your audience

    This session focuses on understanding your audience, involving your audience and handling tough questions in the moment.

    • anticipating what matters to them
    • their communication preferences
    • buying time in the moment and having strategies for dealing confidently and credibly with difficult challenges

    Session 7 - Your message. Your content/recommendation/update

    In this session we focus on the message-what you say and how you deliver this message.

    • how to communicate key messages and stakeholder / customer focused recommendations
    • value propositions which are concise, memorable and supported by visuals rather than being led by power point slides. 

    Session 8 - Closing with purpose and intent

    In this session participants will learn and practice how to close on a high with clarity of intent and purpose in ways which:

    • Gain commitment or a call to action
    • Summarise the key messages
    • Focus on the objectives
    • End positively and not apologetically

    This highly interactive event will include many practical exercises and multiple case studies to embed learning.

    Your Expert Masterclass Leader

    Your expert for this masterclass is PAUL EDMUNDS, with over 15 years experience in the Learning and Development field, he started out as L&D manager for Gatwick airport before becoming a training consultant for the Matchett Group. For the last few years Paul has been specialising in coaching and developing presenters to perform at their best.

    More praise (some people call them reviews, for the event):

    "A great day, packed full of useful tips." : Andrea D.. - HR Manager - Solicitors.


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