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Recent praise for the event:

"Enaging, knowledgable and interactive day - really got a lot" - Andrew, HR Business Partner - Food and Beverage Manufacturer

"Lots of practical advice- great! Karyn, Engagement project mgr, City council



Project Management combines many key skill areas, such as the ability influence, engage, manage multiple tasks, plan, schedule, understand and mitigate risk, control budgets, manage performance. 

However, often the “process” takes a lead over the “people” aspect of project management and consistently this is where the majority of project disasters occur.

A failure to engage all the stakeholders causes blockages, deliberate sabotage, budget overruns and often complete project failure.

Projects are the engine of change in most organisations; however, over and over again badly managed projects are not only the fodder for today’s media, but a major cause of employee dissatisfaction and loss of trust and drops in organisational performance.

Project delays, budget overspends and benefit loss are just some of the consequences of poor project management.

Project management skills and knowledge are fundamentals for any truly successful HR professional or manager to master.

Key Benefits

This masterclass will enable you to:

  • Identify the key mind set, skills and knowledge relevant to the project management/leader role
  • Set up a strategic framework to align project goals and benefits to organisational needs, identifying the key risks, writing initial proposal documents and forecasting costs
  • Prepare detailed project plans using expert scheduling tools to manage the complexities and interdependencies of multiple tasks within appropriate time frames
  • Keep stakeholders engaged by analysis, communications planning and defining levels accountability
  • Provide effective project leadership through team management in diverse organisational structures
  • Handle resistance to change and creating a “can do” mindset, accelerating the pathways to project success
  • Implement a ROI process and carry out post implementation reviews, ensuring knowledge gained is effectively transferred and retained.

Who should attend?

  • HR/L&D generalists who want to deepen their knowledge and skills in the project mgt area
  • Those professionals who want to update and focus on the real skills required to make projects successful and avoid the “failed again” scenario
  • For HR or L&D professionals responsible for managing any type of project, large or small
  • HR or L&D professionals about to embark on a major initiative or change project in the workplace

    Mission Accomplished! Successful Project Management for HR & L&D professionals, Masterclass Focus Areas


    Developing Excellence

    • Project Manager vs Project Leader - skill sets and standards of excellence
    • The Role of HR/L&D in project leadership - danger zones
    • Leading HR&L&D projects when you're not a subject matter expert
    • Developing the right mindset – key role model principles

      KEY Strategic frameworks

    • 4 key phases and the Planning Cycle – recommended planning processes for multi-sized project
    • Role of stakeholders - managing the challenges
    • Organisational Barriers – ways to prevent scope creep and potential blockages to project success
    • Risk Impact/Probability Chart – learning to prioritise risk
    • Benefits and Value Management – getting the greatest possible benefit from a project
    • Business Requirements Analysis – clearly defining and agreeing what you're going to deliver (benchmarking)

     detailed planning

    • Action Plans – small-scale Planning
    • Work Breakdown Structures – mapping out the work within a project
    • Keeping it Simple - scheduling Small Projects
    • Estimating Time Accurately – a major key to project success
    • Planning and scheduling complex projects – gantt charts and other tools

    Project leadership in challenging situations

    • Action centred leadership - balancing task, team and individual needs
    • Leadership profiles – modelling excellence
    • Project leadership in matrix and virtual teams
    • Delivering results in a high speed change environment

    communication strategies and tools

    • Project Dashboards – quickly communicating project progress
    • Project Milestone Reporting – keeping projects on track
    • Project issues Management – identifying and resolving important issues

    ROI process and evaluation

    • After Action Review (AAR) Process – learning from your actions sooner rather than later
    • Post-Implementation Reviews (PIR) and ROI – making sure that what you delivered actually works - embedding process
    • Systems for Retaining knowledge and knowledge transfer Criteria for selecting initiatives for evaluation



    This highly interactive event will include practical exercises and case studies to embed learning.


    Your Expert Masterclass Leader

    Your expert for this masterclass is JOHN FILLINGHAM, with over 23 years experience in designing, implementing projects on small and large scale. JOHN has substantial experience leading HR and L&D projects in a variety of organisations including many re-organisation as a consultant. With his own very hands on style and combined with the latest research into this subject area, brings you some very interesting stories to share and some insightful focus areas to develop your project leadership style, avoiding some of the common mistakes that many make.

    More praise (some people call them reviews, for the event):

    "A key reminder of what not to forget when planning "
    : Daisha,
    - HR manager - Pharmaceutical


    Book for Mission Accomplished!
    Successful Project Management
    for HR & L&D Professionals
    26th February, 2016

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