This event includes a free coaching session enabling faster learning transfer to the workplace.

Recent praise for the event:

"What a brilliant insight - I've learned so many new things" - Pat W, HRBP, ITServices.

"I feel I now know what should be done, ROI is not an after thought" - Gordon T. HR Head, Auto Industry.

We then focus on learning initiatives. Who's going to support a training program that can't justify itself? Organisations increasingly demand measurable results from all branches of their operations, including training courses.

Here we show you the methods and steps of measuring training effectiveness to truly mark that bottom line.



The primary aim of the program is to generate greater understanding amongst participants of how HR measurement works and what makes it successful. As well as to answer that key question - how do you quantify the benefits of training and other HR initiatives?

Many efforts have been made to develop robust methods of measuring the return on investment (ROI) in HR and we will look in some detail at what tools can be used and what's the best way to use them.

Key Benefits

This workshop will enable you to:

  1. Track human resources activity levels creating your own HR/L&D scorecard to emphasise the department's contribution to organisational strategic goals
  2. Set guiding principles for data collection and analysis
  3. Establish a system for collecting and evaluating data that will work in your organisation. Identify who will carry out the task and how it can be fitted into your current HR systems and practices
  4. Devise training specific ROI metrics
  5. Manage and measure training effectiveness

Who Should Attend?

  • HR/Learning professionals who want to re-organise their function or strategy based on changing dynamics or kick start a change in reputation
  • Aspirational HR/Learning team members who want to know exactly what is required to prove value in their roles/career
  • HR and Training Directors or Senior Executives who want to benchmark their function with serious data
  • HR and Training Managers and other with responsibility for HR/Learning who want to build a function based on credible data

Advanced ROI - How to make HR/L&D more Tangible
- Masterclass
Focus Areas


Measuring ROI for HR

Session One – Introduction - asking the right questions

  • How do we monetise HR, can we calculate a ROI for cost centres and support functions?
  • Building and using good measurement systems - focusing on the right data areas
  • The difficulty of gathering data
  • The need for control groups - using pilots

Session Two – The Data Collection Plan

  • Which parts of the function will be measured and to what extent?
  • What specifically do you want to discover, who needs it and what will be done with the data?
  • What Evaluation Instruments will you use?
  • What is the Evaluation Timing? How many phases, at what stages?

Session Three- The ROI Analysis Plan

  • What is the impact of control groups, what is their alignment?
  • What are the anticipated intangible benefits?
  • How are they calculated?
  • The importance of discipline and planning

Session Four- Converting Data to Monetary values

  • Focus on Unit of Improvement
  • Determining a Value for each Unit
  • What is a benefit/cost ratio?
  • Dealing with changes in performance data
  • Linking data choice to KPIs

Measuring ROI for Training

Session Five –Measuring the effectiveness of Training

  • The Four Levels of Evaluation
  • Reaction
  • Learning
  • Behaviour Application
  • Business Impact?

Session Six –Understand the ROI of Training

  • Criteria for selecting courses for evaluation
  • Costs, Visibility and levels of management interest
  • Benefits of ROI of Training
  • ROI Formulas
  • Choosing performance Indicators
  • Creating an ROI model

Session Seven –Isolating the Effects of Training

  • Using a control group
  • Trend Lines
  • The danger of ‘happy sheets’ and participants’ estimates
  • Managers estimates

Session Eight –Enhancing Training Effectiveness

  • The Training Transfer problem
  • Barriers to Training Transfer
  • The Transfer Partnership
  • The Three Stage Transfer Matrix

Session Nine- Summary and Close

  • Summarise what we’ve covered on the masterclass
  • Highlight Glossary of Financial Terms in free hand-out
  • Highlight Appendix of information
  • Capture & share final key learning points

Your Expert Masterclass Leader

Your expert for this masterclass is JOHN FILLINGHAM, with over 23 years experience in HR and ROI projects. Having managed an investigative ROI project into a 1.2 million pound training investment, as well as auditing HR functions on value, he has many interesting experiences to share with you. Currently working with a middle east retailer on a long term ROI project to prove and sustain value and credible business impact, this subject is at the heart of what every HR professional dreams about - proving value.

Munish Bhandari, head of learning for the ARG Group said 'For John, this is not just a passion, it's an obsession.'


More praise (some people call them reviews, for the event):

"That was an enlightening day... I've learned so much and I think everyone is going to get a shock"  - Karen B,Training Manager - Consultancy firm.


Book for Advanced ROI - How to make HR/L&D more Tangible,
Friday 20th May, 2016

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