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"The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people."

(Theodore Roosevelt)

Recent praise for the event:

"Now I have lots of tools to tackle my most difficult stakeholders" - Gene E.. HRBP, Finance


"A very enlightening day, thank you." - Rachel D. HR Manager, Transport and Logistics


Effective Relationships are at the heart of the HR proposition. You limit your potential when they aren't in the right place and as role models for great behaviours, that can't be the case.

From understanding others, to creating more personal impact with a powerful personal and functional brand, we show you how to influence at the highest levels and what works and what doesn't in key situations. Don't hide you light, shine through!

Credibility and influence are often at the top of the HR agenda. However, we end up with a mixed bag of stakeholders, some believers, some dire opponents and having to handle them all can seem exhausting sometimes.

We provide with a toolbox of perspectives, practical tips and solutions to fix those more challenging relationships as well continue to build strength in existing and new ones.

Do you see your stakeholders as 'difficult'?

Key Benefits

This workshop will empower you to:

  1. Understand the importance of relationships and trust in HR and organisational performance
  2. Identify the primary interests and goals of key stakeholders and their level of influence
  3. Create a strong and assertive personal brand and increase your personal impact with how you look, what you do, how you think and what you say
  4. Build effective relationships through a deep understanding of your stakeholders' personality types using appropriate communication, trust and conflict handling strategies
  5. Overcome the barriers to effective relationships by using different influencing styles and changing the labeling process associated with difficult stakeholders
  6. Use a structured creative process to become a more effective negotiator
  7. Develop your HR brand in the right way to improve internal and external relationships

Who Should Attend?

  • Those who want to develop more personal impact and increase their influencing ability
  • Aspirational HR team members who want to know exactly what is required to develop their career and influence at the highest level
  • HR professionals or those in the HR team with responsibility for dealing with all types of different and diverse stakeholders
  • Those with responsibility for HR or L&D activities who are new to the role.

    Effective Stakeholder Management- The Ultimate Influencer, Masterclass Focus Areas


    the importance of trust and relationships to the hr function

    • The bigger picture, the role of trust and relationships in organisations today
    • The brand HR - how do poor relationships affect HR?
    • Social media and the rise of the customer employee
    • Comfort zone organisational performance and engagement - what to about it

    stakeholders' primary interests

    • The critical stakeholder landscape
    • The business agenda for your key stakeholders
    • The structure for situational judgement - understanding levels of influence

    Developing your personal brand

    • What are the key elements of a successful personal brand?
    • Developing personal confidence - where does it originate?
    • What successful people think, do and say
    • How to be more assertive in challenging situations

    build effective and sustainable relationships

    • Personality Psychometric - how to understand very different stakeholders
    • The targeted communication plan
    • Creating a personal service level agreement to structure relationships in more effective and productive way
    • How to build trust and how to avoid damaging it
    • Handle conflict in a less emotional and professional way

    overcoming barriers to success

    • The use of power in relationships
    • 2 types of influence never to be used together
    • The label paradox and dealing with 'difficult' stakeholders
    • Get creative and become a better negotiator using systematic inventive thinking
    • 4 critical steps as an effective negotiator

    the hr functional brand

    • Why communicating HR successes is crucial
    • Identifying weak links in the team and HR brand
    • Build key internal and external functional relationships using the partnership approach

    This highly interactive event will include practical exercises and multiple case studies to embed learning.

    Your Expert Masterclass Leader

    Your expert for this masterclass is JOHN FILLINGHAM, with over 24 years experience in the HR and L&D functions influencing managers and leaders in all sorts of organisaitons. JOHN has his own experience of successes and failures in all types of projects and with his own very hands on style, combined with the latest research into this subject area, he brings some very interesting stories to share with you.

    More praise (some people call them reviews, for the event):

    "A really inspiring day...I feel heaps more confident to go out and tackle some my long standing issues" : Sahera W. - HR administrator - HR consultancy.


    Book for Effective Stakeholder Management - the Ultimate Influencer
    Masterclass, Thursday 11th August 2016

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