The war for Talent



The process of TALENT ACQUISITION - or as we now know it - THE WAR FOR TALENT, is a crucial part of the HR service to the business to attract the best possible talent from a wider talent pool as possible.

This process acts as a foundation to the rest of the HR and Learning processes so is a crucial CHANNEL inwards of talent, or problems or challenges for the rest of the support functions or a great success story.


We must be careful of UNCONSCIOUS BIAS and discrimination in our practices and the issue of CULTURAL FIT comes up again and again. I understand the desire, but it's often used as an excuse to avoid hiring difficult personalities. We can potentially end up with 'Clones' in every team...replicas of the managers who hire them. This blocks development of the organisation, stifles diversity and potentially innovation and new thinking. In this fast changing world where medium term no longer exists, that can be dangerous. The risk to organisational performance is high when we don't pay attention to not only the current needs of team, but also with one eye on the future.


The use of psychometric and personality testing as well as numerical and verbal reasoning tests can be useful to really map out a candidate's capability, but an eye to potential through such things as assessment centres can be a useful exercise.


Ever more creativity is required in current times to find sources of talent in ever more competitive environments. Clever sourcing and innovative approaches that include a strong social media presence are the minimum of the effective talent recruiter today.


The age profile of the UK workforce has never been more diverse. Science and health advances plus the need to work longer has created a massive extrapolation of the age profiling of workers today. Capitalising on such talent and also supporting such diversity in the workplace is the HR and Learning challenge right now. Understanding the needs of these vastly different generations and engaging them in different ways is our immediate call to action.


Effective processes that are fit for purpose and bring into the organisation a constant feed of capable talent with potential is the ultimate driving goal, that is supported by internal frameworks to capitalise on strengths and potential whilst allowing freedom and opportunities to grow, where desired.

Our key masterclass is unsurprisingly called:

  • Winning the war for talent

However we other masterclass events in strategy and business partnering which gives us broader insight into a closer relationship with our organisation and it's needs.

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