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We discuss, explore and debate 3 key issues: What does it mean (defining it) how do we grow it (what actions to take) and how do we keep it (what does engagement look like for our talent)



People are wandering around in the dark when it comes to understanding what Talent means and what talent management is really all about.


Key Benefits

This think bite session will enable you to:

  1. Define what talent means, both generically and organisationally
  2. Apply the 3 key principles of talent identification to assess talent effectively
  3. Identify some of the key tools used in talent identification and evaluate their usefulness for your organisation
  4. Understand and overcome talent process barriers, delivering on diversity and preventing unconscious bias issues
  5. Make appropriate metric choices for evaluating effective methods of talent development
  6. Develop continuous engagement (retention) processes which builds and capitalises on a broad range of talent (both seen and unseen) in the workplace

Who Should Attend?

  • HR generalists who want to develop their knowledge in the talent development arena
  • Aspirational L&D team members who want to know exactly what is required to develop in their organisation to build credibility and deliver real results
  • HR and L&D practitionerswith responsibility for driving performance through talent development
  • HR and L&D practitioners who want to explore fully the range of options for unlocking potential and talent in their organisations to increase performance and results

    What is Talent? Focus Areas

    redefining the term 'talent'

    • Is this old wine in new bottles?
    • What does it actually mean? Umbrella vs Specific
    • The 3 major elements in talent identification, the personal narrative

    Organisation strategy links

    • Understanding the meaning of talent for your organisation
    • The connection to short term and long term business goals
    • Behavourial values and the role of line managers

     identifying your talent

    • Links to other HR and L&D processes
    • Typical methods of assessment and how to improve them
    • Prioritisation and the problems of robustness
    • Diversity and bias considerations

     Developing talent

    • Metrics and ROE/ROI processes - not an afterthought
    • Traditional and Non-Traditional methods, is 70/20/10 still relevant?
    • Talent and Technology (at all stages)
    • Scaffolding your interventions

    retention and engagement

    • What does successful engagement mean in this context?
    • Expect the expected, don't try to fight it
    • Branding your successes


    This highly interactive event will include practical exercises and case studies to embed learning.



    Your Expert City Think Bite Session Facilitator

    Your expert for this city think bite is JOHN FILLINGHAM, with over 24 years experience in the HR and Talent Development field in organisations. JOHN has his own experience of designing and delivering talent strategies, reducing costs and increasing engagement. With his own very hands on style and combined with the latest research into this subject area, brings you some very interesting stories to share and some insightful focus areas to really build credibility and make a difference that everyone notices.


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    How to identify it, grow it and keep it,

    27th April, 2016

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