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An early morning thinking session to boost your learning in a highly focused 2 hour event!

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We ask such questions as - Are masculine values a brick wall for Diversity? Are people literally killing themselves to work longer and hard to prove they are a 'superman' at work? Why is productivity so poor when all the tools are there to grow?



From Ken Blanchard to Tony Porter in a Ted Talk. The issue of over zealous masculine values ruining corporate culture and causing mayhem in the workplace is beginning to surface as potential root cause of many organisational (and tribunal) issues.


Key Benefits

This think bite session will enable you to:

  1. Identify the masculine values that lead to undesirable behaviours in your organisation
  2. Link statistics to the impact of over inflated masculine values in the workplace
  3. Counteract over zealous despots with positive feminine values (the only way is human)
  4. Identify clearly an overly masculine culture (the cultural signs)
  5. Explain the dangers of women adopting these values in the workplace
  6. Consider the implications of masculine and feminine values in 6 different areas of HR
  7. Broaden your perspective on how society, the media, education and parenting affect the process of cultural conditioning
  8. Develop an action plan on how to tackle values issues in the workplace

Who is this aimed at?

  • HR practitioners who operate in highly masculine environments who want to know how to handle the impact in a better way
  • HR graduates who wish to develop their expertise in cultural development
  • HR Leaders/practitioners with responsibility for drivingand shaping cultural change in organisations
  • HRpractitioners who want to explore how to breakdown diversity barriers, improve well being and increase productivity in the workplace

    Book for the City Think Bite - Men vs Women - is Diversity, Well Being and Productivity simply a Gender Values War? - Wed 28th April, 2016

    London, Holborn Bars

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    Men vs Women - Is Diversity, Well Being and Productivity simply a Gender Values War? Focus Areas

    understanding the issues

    • Masculine and Feminine values - what exactly are they and what are the undesirables?
    • Values in Leadership and Management - Blanchard's view
    • The bigger picture - Porter on the Men vs Women issue

    impact of values in personal and organisational performance

    • How HSE stats reveal interesting insight
    • Why do we end up in tribunals?
    • How engagement scores are impacted through team culture

     Tactics for re-dressing the masculine/feminine value mix

    • Looking for a story in statistics
    • Positive role models in feminine values
    • The human touch - it's a balance - using the millennial example

     identifying cultural issues

    • What your HR stats and process compliance levels reveal
    • Typical leader and manager profiles
    • Organisational metrics that signal warnings
    • Team feedback tools

    role models and the dangers of replication

    • Why routes to success are often identified with masculine values
    • Women vs Men - the polarization of ideas to bridge the leadership gap

    implications for HR

    • How different values affect Talent Acquisition and Reward Schemes
    • How processes such as Performance Management and Development can promote and support the wrong values
    • How Corporate Social Responsibility activities can help boost organisational development

    societal hurdles

    • Is going to the gym pumping up the wrong message?
    • Media and the subtle messages of values - confusion reigns
    • Parenting and the role of educators in creating the right values

    Action plan your steps to change

    • Deciding what's possible what's not
    • Short term vs long terms game plannning
    • Overcoming barriers to action



    Your Expert City Think Bite Session Facilitator

    Your expert for this city think bite is JOHN FILLINGHAM, with over 24 years experience in the HR and Talent Development field in organisations. JOHN has his own experience of being on the end of discrimination in the workplace and how the role of values affects many a HR process.