Diversity decreasing in creative industries?

Diversity barriers are limiting growth in the creative industries...

You would think even in the creative industries, t.v. media, etc there would be adequate diversity of ethnicity but it seems not.

In this article,  we see some disturbing trends in the lack of representation of a variety of diverse groups and a decrease in female representation.

thinkinghr - diversity and results

Not matching your customers or audience base with a similar staffing profile seems out of date, but is this really necessary?

At the decision making level an absolute yes. How can we make judgements on data without a sufficient sense check? However, many consider making their decisions from behind a desk and surplus of data (often not) is enough to make a great decision. Wrong.

It's simply bad for business and this often conscious or unconscious bias will damage reputations and unhinge the values of the organisation from anything real.

Now we need some real change. Will you make a difference?