The very dangerous impact of 'pressure cooker' work environments...

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Heavy workloads, poor relationships are literally destroying the minds of the very staff we are there to protect and cherish.

Just maybe that Swedish approach of a 6 hour day is right after all. The productivity and well being benefits (and stats) are just to strong to ignore.

The dangers of 'presenteeism'

The results we are getting in stress and anxiety issues affecting performance coupled with the amount of time we spend at work, it is a path to a dangerous culture of presenteeism. Spreading sickness because people feel compelled to come in, coming back early when they aren't fully recovered, this masculine perception of what being successful and a good employee is all about.

Doing work outside of the office on the train home and at home to stay on top of things, work is simply overtaking our lives, without limits and boundaries, technology has made this discipline hard to maintain (although most users have never been trained how to use technology e.g. email properly).

Being always 'available'

It's simply too easy to be available. It's too compelling not to act, that's the expectation of instantaneous responsiveness. It's simply suffocating our creativeness, our mental freedom and snowballing into a massive societal issue that will eventually bite us. This concept of presenteeism is certainly not increasing our productivity. It's an outdated notion and we keep perpetuating it.

It's incredibly sad and yet it will surely continue until these 'warrior' modes of thinking and working get left behind.