Does emotional intelligence matter?

The younger generation may have an edge...

In this article by Lynda Shaw we see that our newer younger managers may have an edge in the emotional intelligence game but does it matter?

It's still a relatively new set of words in the management vocabluary and recent criticisms of HR say they are lacking. Gone too much to the dark side of commercial decision making. No heart.

So is the ability to spot and read emotional responses in others, as well as take control of your own (and manage them in times of difficulty and particularly stress etc) really that useful now?


Big data
The world of big Data may not make it so, but the answer has to be yes. Our ability to understand, manage expectations and support people without the need for a direct request, has to be an essential management tool, that any smart leader would be proud to have.

It gives a competitive edge in negotiations, it gives insight into personal and team problems, it gives us strength in times of extreme pressure and focus in times of ambiguity.

So yes, it's a foundation management and leadership skill that requires intelligence as well as focus that doesn't come from an egocentric personality type.