Do you know what the 5 essential digital skills are?

As we head towards the digital age, where technology creeps into every single part of our lives. No less than at work...there is an increasing demand for digital skilled workers. Who can easily adapt to different environments and systems, who are extremely comfortable with everything tech.


Even at a basic level, different age groups are finding the essentials sometimes more challenging than others, even today.

Is this a barrier in your organisation? Is it holding back performance? Creativity?

Do you know what the digital skill set should be? The latest 2015 Digital Skills UK Report highlights these:

  1. managing information (electronically)
  2. communicating (electronically)
  3. transacting (including buying and selling goods online)
  4. problem solving
  5. creating basic digital content.

How would you rate your ability out of 10 on these? Need some work?

How are these evaluated and integrated in your organisation in terms of people support? Are they present in the recruitment process and competence frameworks? Are they part of your development initiatives and support areas?

Good news!

thinking hr digital skills

Being employed seems to support digital skills, with 89 per cent of those in work having all five digital skills, compared to 72 per cent of unemployed people and 47 per cent of retirees. Students and those at school have the highest levels of digital skills, with 93 per cent possessing all five skills.

These are the hottest skills ensure you and your staff have the latest in policies, rules and training to get to the best out of them.

Technology rules!