Is the secret to feeling younger a better job?

In the journal of applied psychology, this article talks about how engaged and purposeful work can make people feel younger.

Would you disagree?



The benefits of engaged work are obvious. We feel better when the work we do capitalises on our strengths simply put, time disappears and age becomes a unknown concept. It makes us feel fulfilled. Unless of course, pressure kills that feeling.

So what does make us feel younger?

Feeling alive, perhaps is one way, but to actually feel younger (or different to your chronological age) is quite an incredible feet. Fun, relaxed, enjoyable, freedom, autonomy, perhaps that is the key to youth and youthful feelings.

Would we not want to be our current age?

Well, perhaps not, sometimes we wouldn't want to repeat mistakes we have already made but often the physical attributes of youth are appealing. Little sickness or pain, energy like a marathon runner, certainly have their upsides. So does getting older mean we are less happy? Certainly not in my book. I'm at a place where I feel mostly content. I've got rid of my confidence demons and feel more assured than I ever have. That's through learning, not simply age. Mentality is key.

But does work help that? I'm not so sure....