Beating unconscious bias in the workplace - 5 tips for revisiting your processes

In this article, on blind cv's, we see some key organisations's attempt to beat unconscious bias and discrimination in the workplace but will it really have an impact?

Using blind c.v.'s, without any names on, it's said is a way to help stop discrimination. This combined with university names going too (now some of the top employers are doing this) will there be anything left on there to read!

All these things are certainly useful.

Will it stop it 100%.. unlikely but it's all good intentions that may eradicate some bad practice but won't stop the really determined discriminators who often openly make obvious their prejudices.

Where else could processes be improved?

Pay and Benefits
The award of bonuses or pay differentials for people in the same jobs with roughly the same age or background qualifications/experience could be an area to focus on and the selection/decision making process could contain guidance on discriminatory tendencies or preventative measures.

Training and Development
Are opportunities open to ALL staff? Who is actually attending development programmes, are they truly representative of diversity in the organisation? Are you're HIPO's selected on what kind of representative of the diversity of the organisation are they?

Employee Relationship Management
Are certain employee groups the target of management performance action?
Who gets targeted for absence management or taken to task on performance issues in either an informal or formal way? Look back at your statistics or do you not record this data yet?

Corporate Social Responsibility
Do minority or diverse group charities/support groups get supported as well as more main stream ones? How you define your criteria for selection could be up for scrutiny. How are your ethics competencies holding up? How do you monitor them or check their operation?

Eradicating bias in all forms is a challenge for us all. However, your policies and practices are one potentially easy way for you to ensure you are doing something real and practical to combat this often unseen enemy.

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