Doing more with what we already have? A lesson on engagement from the WEF?

Are their lessons in the circular economy model and it's principles for HR/L&D and a better people development strategy?

In this article by the WEF on creating a more sustainable global economy, where we simply stop 'throwing away' so much where as we could be doing more with what we already have.

In HR and people terms, that means capitalising on our current human resources and getting the best out of them, by:

a) engaging people more effectively to support better performance

b) unlocking potential by taking risks and giving more opportunities to internal candidates

thinking hr inspire

Have we have walked into a 'disposable' society culture, as rabid consumers and as organisational standards sky rocket, we potentially create a multi layered society and clearly tiered organisational levels, where gaps between the survival of the fittest and those who simply can't make it, is overshadowed by a lack of those organisations who therefore don't have the cash to invest in people analysis, and development, so it becomes a double edged sword? Those who have the talent don't need to invest in massive talent development programmes, those who do, can't afford it.


Our challenges over productivity highlight the desperate need to re-engage our people in a way which focuses their effort and good will on supporting organisational goals in such a way as to create the situation where development can grow.

The risks of that success being solely swallowed up in the organisational coffers is too high so the purpose question haunts us again and people become suspicious of real motives and we lose a great opportunity to boost organisational performance. It almost requires a written contract or pledge to be put in place from senior leaders, achieve X and we will re-invest Y. I'd love to see those kinds of promises being kept.

So to avoid developing this 'human dustbin' mentality where we simply expect high or fire those who don't match up to what we think we need, we could be in danger of breeding a culture where development disappears (because of lack of faith and financial burden) because we fail to engage (which doesn't necessarily cost a fortune) our teams and human capital, losing out on potential and talent and missing the boat on so many business opportunities.

Can we really solve it?