Want to recruit and retain a Multi Generational Workforce?

The McDonalds 3 strategies for attracting and retaining different aged workers

As research suggests the younger talent pool is shrinking, a huge opportunity exists at the other end of the age scale to pull in new workers. Is that viable and will they stay?

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Being prepared
It all sounds nice in practice but are we really ready to handle a big variety in terms of worker age profile?Is it culturally acceptable in our organisations to do so? This may be the biggest barrier to getting new older workers through the doors but once they are in what do we do?

In this article featuring the McDonalds strategy for older workers, Claire Hall, Chief People Officer (UK) outlines her thoughts and strategies for creating the environment (although only 5% currently work for McD's in the older worker category - 45 plus - I know feel old!) in which older workers feel comfortable.

Creating a FUTURE
If you want your new workers to join you and stay around for a while, you're going to have to ensure that the learning offer is open and suitable for their needs. What else can the benefit package offer older workers?

Creating a FAMILY atmosphere
Is it simply about support? No..it's much more than that, it's about being valued and feeling it. Not everyone can come on board quickly with the notion, age doesn't matter, so it's important to tackle those issues through education to avoid nasty situations in the future.

Matching roles to skills and life style choices is important in this situation than many others, as traditional formats simply won't work. Capitalise on what they can offer you not what they can't and consider new ways of doing things to create that flexibility.

Not everyone will be your fan, but equality demands you take action and act supportively...you could be missing out on a lot of talented people!