Have we confused improving behavioural standards with mind control?

Professor Gary Cooper, the darling of the CIPD, has really triumphed here. Meditation that combats racism. Nice idea but have we confused Orwellian mind control techniques vs directing/guidelining and delivering on great behavioural standards in the workplace?

In this article from BT news,  he highlights this great meditation technique that focuses on using photos of different races and repeating kind and loving mantras.

Can you really see this going on in the workplace?

Is this not the realm of the anger management therapist not HR practitioners?

Whilst the data maybe interesting, we only seem to be getting real traction in performance management where we tackle prickly issues that have caused weak minded managers nightmares and poisoned team dynamics in situations where everyone feels frustrated. It's a confidence thing.

Opinions divided
Trying to tackle conscious or unconscious bias in this way seems a little absurd. Awareness and steering towards right behaviours, yes. Mind control? I don't think so. It comes back to the corporate values challenge in which many people try to participate. However, so many act in pursuit of this goal, so do they really believe in it?

Personal values are a way of living - a cultural and personal heritage
How can we get away from such history, when it's difficult enough to change our thinking over the simplest things...such as eating too much and the fateful 'I'm on a diet! (again)'??

Corporate values and behaviours are good things, but this concept that we should impose the same thing on everyone and force them into specific common ways of thinking is purely Orwellian. Behaviour is one thing, THINKING is a completely other realm.

What's the measure?
The measure here is how people behave. It comes out in ethics breaches, disciplinary and bullying complaints and grievances on how badly or well people behave. Yes, it comes from their thinking, but did you ever have a bad thought and want to kill someone? If thinking was the measure, boy, we'd all be in trouble.

What gets results? Let's get creative!
It's certainly trackable, but answering questions on a quiz night or screen savers with values on is not the way to direct or lead behaviour. It take ROLE MODELS from the top down to really change culture or shape it. It doesn't happen any other way.

So be careful who you promote, hire into these positions and develop the right behaviours with the right role models. It's as simple as that. No cultural revolution required.