Money or Ego - which is the real root of all evil?

Previous mentions of mindfulness and the power of now are going to be abundant in these blog posts because they have become such a major focus of the real problems in human performance and productivity. Also our personal satisfaction and happiness.

Eckhart Tolle in his book, the power of now, explains that now is not ego, that is the real us, ego is a thinking process usually wrapped up in fear and concern about what might happen.

If we think ourselves insecure, we feel insecure, we are usually worrying about the past or the future, what we did and what we might's literally strangling our thoughts, our minds and our creativity and enjoyment of life, when we are held captive by our thinking and our painful thoughts.

But money is what we need to live right?
Yes of course, like oxygen, today we can't survive without it, great heaps of it, because we have become addicted to buying things, not experiences.

Capitalism is ok, provided it's kept in check. That drive is what enslaves us to working more hours, climbing up corporate ladders and being obsessed about work. Our relationships and peace of mind suffer.

Getting back our confidence and peace of mind - drop the ego needs
Ego has become so crucial in a driven performance world, where beating the forces of nature and the bell curve of peaks of troughs of sales and development mean we have to better on an ever increasing scale of outstanding performances, every day, every minute. Is it any wonder we are buckling under the pressure?

What's the answer? Stop thinking, let go of your fears and your ego. Be present in the NOW, that's all we have. If we do great things NOW, the future pays us back. The past is gone, a trail, but still the past. Forget it, it has nothing much for you, it informs the present, but has no hold unless you let it. Let go.

Letting go of you EGO helps you focus
When you stop thinking so much and be present, how much more you see and feel the happiness of the present. Appreciate the now, that's all you have. Look around and see it. Anything else is a waste of time, as you tomorrow will be different to what you are thinking, I can almost guarantee it.

It helps you focus your thinking in the right places. Be free to be more creative without fear and a negative emotional response.

It's a joyous process. But it's work to get yourself to stop. But it's worth it.

Try. You will be all the happier for it.