Urgent news! Another survey highlights the worsening skills shortage.

Is this a failure in our systems and processes and investment in education and training?

Are we failing our companies and our society?
Why is it we are having so much trouble with this issue. Have we simply focused so much on the present, cut our training budgets and now we are in trouble because we never planned ahead?

Are we doing the wrong things to recruit the right people? Have we lost our way in the war for talent?

The speed of change
Like our businesses, the speed of change has caught us with our trousers down. However, the question is, how much do we spend trying to recruit and hire in new talent versus growing what we need inside?

Costs of recruitment versus training?
Do you measure it, know what they are?
Higher salaries, time gaps for unfilled positions, additional strain on the existing teams, marketing costs, interview costs, on-boarding costs, the list goes on.

Knowing your % split of your budget for such activities is key. You can then make some strategic choices about what happens next. The quick repair solutions usually are expensive, so to be avoided, but sometimes necessary.

We simply need to strategically plan more effectively. The speed of change is accelerating.