The 4 main reasons why HR doesn't develop ITSELF - What do you think about number 3?

'I was bewildered to read recent research from Korn Ferry highlighting that a staggering 47% of companies are not offering leadership programmes to members of the HR function, with a similar number reporting that HR professionals are not considered for high potential programmes.' Jane Sparrow.

Quite a headline. HR has generally been pretty poor at taking time out to look after itself.

The top reasons we don't is:

  1. We get caught up in the day to day transactional 'stuff' of supporting others, we don't practice what we preach. What does that say about us?

  2. Where is the budget for this? You lead - you need it

  3. Are we embarrassed about spending money on ourselves? Come on..get over it.

  4. We don't have the time. Ouch...yes, you do.

We have such an important role to play in the organisation. Our visibility is massive. Let's get it right and climb to the top of our game and make ourselves a true business partner.

It's too easy to get lost in the weeds here. That doesn't help our creativity. We own the budget..use it wisely and that means sometimes on ourselves for a change. It sets the tone that development is important. You need to make time for it, it helps you grow and add real value to the function and your organisation!

Kick start your journey with an HR masterclass..get your learning head back on. Really show what a business partner you are!

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