Do we need to redefine the word Talent to get better at Talent Management? 3 tips that might help you

Metro Bank Talent Strategy

Is clarifying our definition of TALENT one of the keys to re-engineering our strategy? Or getting better focus? Do we need to engage with the business better to get the meaning across (especially as true business partner)?

This article on the Metro Bank strategy brings up a number of 'back to the drawing board' questions. That may be healthy and necessary, because the messages are mixed and so is understanding across levels of our organisations.

My top 3 tips for better talent management are:

  1. Define what that means in your organisation, just don't pick the top 10 or 20%
  2. Talent development is also about routes to growth - map those pathways out clearly so people know what is expected
  3. Increase the transparency of the processes and open them up to feedback and regular review - when was the last time your staff designed the system?

To act as true business partners, we need to engage the business in every type of HR process when it touches everyone in the organisation.

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Good luck in your talent management activities!