Breaking news: 1 in 5 ashamed of their organisation - 2 shocking reasons why

Is it really surprising at a time when job seekers check out your brand that it's getting harder to recruit if you don't behave well?

These shocking results in a survey from the Public Relations Consultants Association (PRCA) highlights 2 things:


PRCA survey results

  1. 35% of employees are ashamed of their organistion BECAUSE THEY ARE TREATED BADLY
  2. 22% because they consider their organisation UNTRUSTWORTHY

That's truly horrific. I wonder how that is reflected in employee behaviour and motivation in the workplace and how that extends out to the customers they serve.


Poor management behaviour CAN NO LONGER BE TOLERATED AND MUST BE TACKLED through performance management and development solutions.

HR MUST COME OUT OF HIDING and challenge SENIOR EXECUTIVES by developing their BOARDS TO ACT IN ETHICAL WAYS. HR can no longer stand in the wings on these issues.

ACT Bold is always my mantra, but obviously it's not for the faint hearted.


John - MD Thinking HR