The typical 5 Business Partnering Disasters and how to avoid them…

The typical 5 Business Partnering Disasters and how to avoid them…

When Ulrich launched the model to the world in 1997, the 3 legged stool, Shared services, Centres of excellence, and HR business partners, became the foundation of a new era of HR; or so we thought. The onset of reality has shocked many of determined HR professionals and can test the patience of the strongest HR advocate.

Is there a way to avoid the common mistakes and realise the HR Dream?

Yes, it’s perfectly possible to create something like, if not entirely matching, (76% of organisations customise the model) the dream that Ulrich envisioned, but you need to watch out for these CRITICAL disaster strategies.

Here’s what many HR people report back to us as common mistakes and what Thinking HR recommends to avoid these expensive Business Partnering Disasters:

  1. If overnight you changed everyone’s job title, it doesn’t make HR managers strategic HR business partners. Key is the right strategic training and support.
  2. The internal customers, receivers of your service, were generally confused and ill-informed about what was going on. Engagement and communication strategies are essential.
  3. Many internal customers often got bumped back to shared services from the very people they had spent years building relationships with. Managing the change, as partners, is critical.
  4. Battles commenced between 3 areas for supremacy in relationships with the customer and communication stopped. Working together frameworks must be set up.
  5. A resource hungry model that not everyone could afford and confused everyone as they desperately tried to cover all bases. Role clarity is essential for business partnering to work properly.

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