What skills does it take to lead a diverse workforce? Preparing your leaders!


Is it unsurprising we aren't managing our next generations well and adapting to a new workforce?

We seem a little slow on the change process and looking strategically ahead to see who's coming next and ask that key question: WHAT DO YOU NEED FROM US TO MAKE WORKING HERE GREAT?

Is this the real problem in the war for talent?

Our HR functions simply haven't been quick enough to adapt to the future when we are struggling to deal with the present. Is that because HR still isn't at the cutting edge of business credibility and therefore shaping what happens?

Not the only consideration but perhaps we simply aren't being strategic and flexible enough to deal with change and yet we expect people in the business to do it, yet the HR function doesn't quite move at the same pace.

Are you guilty of that?

What skills do our managers and leaders need to handle Generation X Y and Z?

  1. High levels of people skills - they really know what pushes people's buttons and tailor that individually, they give direct feedback and manage performance well
  2. Flexible and trusting in their leadership style
  3. Relevant targets that have strong direction but a hands off approach
  4. Communicate a clear vision, ensuring purpose and recognition are linked
  5. Coach and support with opportunities to develop and work on stimulating projects

We debate these kind of issues in our masterclass on Business Partnering. What does it really take to Kick Box HR and act as a true business partner?

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