HR is dying! The 2 C's urgently needed to create REAL BUSINESS IMPACT for HR Functions


Is HR nearly dead?

If we don't move quick enough and start acting as a true business partner, there are already signs of the lack of progress made, we may be cast into the realms of a completely outsourced an admin function, in effect, HR will be dead.

How can we stop the rot? If it's not too late.

We have a vital role to play in the life of the business through:



What's the reason these are so important to the business?

** Innovation and engagement **

Innovation through collaboration
This brings money into the organisation and makes it better. Everything needs to change at some point. Only through effective collaboration can great ideas be brought to market, turned into reality in a truly engaged way. That means involving the right people but this is how massive change can happen quickly, with everyone on board.

To change the way we do things driven from the bottom up can put some real magic into the mix and make real transformation. Studies show, ideas incubate when great people collaborate and then grow into something great. That's why many organisations have embraced OPEN INNOVATION as a way of working.

Getting stuck in our history is the biggest barrier to moving forward. We can take forward the learnings but we can't remain there. We have a great future ahead, but we need to be part of it, not behind it.


Engagement through (great) communication
People are more connected and happier in what they do and who they work for when they get the right information. That includes job requirements, feedback on performance, reasons why things are done the way they are, needs of the business etc. When great communication flows, so the right action follows. So where open and honest communication blockers exist, it has the same effect on performance, results and people's potential. This is a key area for HR to intervene and make a difference.

* Key Action: UNBLOCK, UNLOCK.

Technology will aid you massively here, but ensure it's fit for purpose in whatever you choose.

This is the massive opportunity for HR to make a difference to the organisation and get real results. THIS HAS REAL BUSINESS IMPACT.

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