Values, Dieting and an Alligator -what do they have in common?

Values - so much rhetoric circulating on the internet right now - what's the reality?

Getting the right 'Values' and everyone following them is the golden chalice of many a HR function but what's the reality and what has dieting and an alligator got to do with it?

I read an article recently in which an esteemed HR director claimed the proof of the work they had done on values was verified when the people got the right answers to these questions at a charity quiz night.

I've never heard of something more ridiculous. That's like saying read a book and you will pass your driving test without ever having gotten into a car. 

Bridging the gap between INTENTIONS and ACTIONS is the biggest challenge of any idealist HR or Learning function. We KNOW what we should do, but we don't always do it..try a diet plan for any length of time and you'll see what I mean.

If you watch my video here, I explain how Values is a LEADERSHIP concept and not a management control mechanism.

How do we inspire people to follow common values?

The Alligator close



It's easier to motivate or inspire when there are only a relatively few values and they are role modeled by those at the top of the organisation and supported internally with systems and learning to focus attention. I call this the Alligator close. A 2 pronged attack on the direction and focus of attention. However, with customer service as my example, don't be fooled that unless it's part of someone's personality DNA, it's unlikely they will be convinced to act in the way you so desperately want. The Recruitment process is a fundamental cog in the HR process toolkit for values delivery.


Here's my video rant on the values idea, where I talk about more about some of the critical factors which affect your chances of success.


I hope you enjoy.

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