Virtual reality a reality in training?

Virtual Reality in Learning - only for gamers? Think again...

WEF article on VR


Virtual Reality (VR) systems are now benefiting learners in all sorts of training environments, take learning into a new more dynamic era.

The ROI and statistics are staggering. In this WEF article it highlights the reduced number of errors and time spent 'getting up to speed' particularly in hazardous situations and is therefore far less dangerous to the individual as well as the organisation. This is key when trying to justify making the investment to key stakeholders.

It has many more uses than just training...

Wider Applications include:

  • Work Instructions
  • Workflow Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Safety
  • Logistics
  • Operations

From simple tablet or phone interactions to full immersion headsets, the options are huge, however is it really worth considering this option?

From a training perspective, our ultimate goal has always been to bring as much reality to the training room as a way of increasing relevancy and impact. In essence to increase the learning retention into the workplace.

Using actors and role play scenarios, case studies has brought it forward, but it's incredibly difficult to replicate 'live' situations simply because of the amount of variables but also the personal dynamics of the humans we interact with. Imagine you could replicate those reactions in different situations and 'practice' handling or influencing for example a key sale lead in a negotiation (and they actuallytalked back).

The possibilities are endless but will it be just another 'toy' for learning functions?

With advances in technology, perhaps not. Technology will become a key shaper and influencer and participant in our HR and Learning worlds for many years to come, the question becomes BENEFIT VS INVESTMENT - can we make it work and justify and create real learning, not just 'entertainment'?

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