Those 'Do you know who I am?' moments

What does it take to be a real classy boss?

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Well a Reddit survey of those who work for the super rich, seems like you have to hit 20+ million to be gracious enough to handle your wealth and attitude, properly. So what kinds of things do the less well educated (into wealth that is) do to their staff?

  • 'Super, super cheap is some sort of badge of honor for some people,' one Reddit user wrote. 'One woman I worked for when I was a PA used to tell me to return her Starbucks cup the next day and tell them that they’d made it incorrectly, so they’d give her a new drink.

  • 'My good friend mows lawns for some multi-millionaire. Apparently the dude's son thought it would be fun to get drunk and shoot at my friend with an airsoft gun [a replica firearm which shoots plastic bullets].'

  • Another forced to go back to go McDonald's to get a four cent discount on a cup of coffee using a senior discount card. The man was was worth over $20million (£13million)

So the next time you have a 'Do you know who I am?' kinda moment, remember, the lesson here is no matter what your status, wealth or position is, people thank you when you treat them like humans. Is that's what's missing in organisations today?