Don't be an HR Dinosaur! 3 reasons why the finance department should be your best friend

Ever thought finance was your enemy?

Those complicated budgets and accounting systems and terminology might be the scurge of previous decades of HR, however today a poor understanding of how to build a convincing business case, use financial data to back your proposals or how to moneterise HR outcomes into ROI value is a must.

So why is finance so critical?

Here are 3 at least reasons why finance and the finance team need to be your best friends.

  • If thought controlling costs was going to come off the agenda - you were wrong

Cost control is an important feature of any professional's repertoire and often separates the amateurs from the operationally effective.

  • Financial language comprehension is one of the major blockers to upward movement and credibility for HR professionals

Top table and senior management faith in you will quickly evaporate when you can't talk the same language as one of the key aspects of the organisation and influence that part of the business equation.

  • The function is a major influencer in the organisation (strategically and operationally) and therefore impact how HR and Learning Functions are perceived at the highest levels

Who do you think convinces or otherwise your CEO and senior managers their approach on employee costs? Just you? HBR magazine?

Network well, build your knowledge of the function, the processes and the language, because it's a whole NEW WORLD in there. If you haven' yet discovered it, the word DINOSAUR springs to mind.