Are you missing an opportunity to show how HR can make a real difference (and boost your reputation)?

An ROI process is a must for every HR and HRD function as over 300 case studies prove…

For years, proving that you are capable, flexible, at the top of your game and can deliver great results has been at the top of the agenda for many HR or HRD functions.  Gaining the credibility and respect you deserve is a natural desire, however, often great work goes unnoticed and forgotten in the ‘busyness’ of business, too much noise.

So how can we systematically prove we make a difference at every level of HR and HRD?

Using simple ROI principles you focus your efforts, budgetary spend and fine tune your processes to ensure you get what your stakeholders need and want with the evidence to prove it.


Evidence your success – Focus your spend in the right areas

Do you really track your results, with control groups with substantial evidence you transformed something? Struggling to tie down the intangibles? Putting in place an ROI process lets you convert the majority of the intangibles to something solid as well as ensuring you choose the right solution to get there in the first place. Double benefits.

How engaged are your stakeholders with HR?

Do you have pet projects? Many HR professionals I know have areas they love to work on, parts they enjoy and become experts at. That’s dangerous because whilst we enjoy it, the question becomes is that what our KEY STAKHOLDERS really need? By putting in an ROI process (even for your pet projects) you engage with stakeholders to understand what their expectations are of the HR/HRD function, it not only builds relationships, but you tackle real problems and have the evidence to prove you deliver on your promises.

Wild and different ideas – can be slowly implemented

When something is out of comfort zone for your organisation, an ROI process and pilot can help introduce major change slowly and begin shifting mindsets. This is critical in advancing your organisation at pace and making transformation possible.

A transparent process that resonates with everyone  

Transparency is often a challenging goal in HR (less so in HRD) however with an open ROI process in place, which is regularly communicated to key stakeholders, we can celebrate successes and inform on progress, quality and overall realised benefits. This provides a framework for successful HR and HRD projects that through thoughtful planning, get results. The ROI institute has a collection of over 300 case studies that prove it makes a difference – all the evidence you need.


The famous saying ‘Fools rush in where angels fear to tread’ is a perfect statement why ROI is an essential ingredient in the success profile of any HR/HRD function today, without it, you may be in danger of being outsourced.