Are the limiting relationships with HR affecting organisational creativity and performance?

If relationships are key to the success of any organisation, do unhealthy relationships therefore block creativity, productivity and ultimately organisational performance?

HR fails to bring leaders out of their comfort zones because of a lack of faith in their ability to get results with a proven link to hr actions that make a sizeable difference to organisational peformance. They simply don't improve operational effectiveness enough (or not seen too) so sidelined.

The voice of reason or revolution that can break down traditional ways of doing things that COULD create significant improvements never gets heard or gets ridiculed because experiments aren't allowed to happen which then could PROVE HR can make a difference. It's a chicken and egg kinda situation.

However, only by improving relationships and building trust at all levels can HR and L&D breakthrough this road block to prove value and experiment. It's the only way to let go of outdated ways of working and dramatically improve organisational performance.