Diversity analytics - what's on your dashboard?

Diversity and measurement - what would be on your dashboard?

hr analytics on diversity

Track it

If you measure it you manage it? Right?

So you have a policy on diversity and inclusion. How well is it delivering for you?

I’m a fan of measurement (bearing in mind I sit on the metrics committee for ISO HR standards https://www.iso.org/committee/628737.html) and can see the power of it.

Especially when you bring in intangibles in ROI. A topic for another time.

So, you want to measure the impact and where you are at in terms of inclusion and diversity in your organisation…

Where do you start?

There are some simple ones regarding counting numbers of exactly who is represented in your organisation from diverse community groups, as well as:

  • Disability

  • Age

  • Race

  • Religion

  • Sexual Orientation

  • Gender types

Then we can add this to other HR typical reporting areas:

  1. Average Compensation/Pay Gap

  2. Terminations

  3. Turnover

  4. Tenure (Retention)

Clever software (such as this great solution called SOLVE from the Human Capital Management Institute https://www.hcmi.co/solve ) can bring the intersections together, say Race Terminations by Age, calculate your pay gap etc, all from simple and fast data imports from your payroll or other software.

However, wouldn’t be nice if this all included things like:

  • Training

  • Promotions

  • Disciplinary Actions/Performance Management Actions

  • Complaints

  • Mentoring

  • Focus/Network Groups meetings/activities

  • Glassdoor/Employer Brand

  • Engagement scores/survey results

  • Talent pool/Recruitment applications

We are starting to move into the realms of intangibles which can be more challenging from a measurement and robustness point of view, but if it has a final outcome - that can be the measure, rather than an input, output or process type of measure.

What would you like to put on your dashboard?