Is HR analytics led by the right metrics?


ISO TC260 Metrics Committee

hosted by Standards Australia in Sydney

Are we collecting data on the right priority areas?

Often our data and HR analytics results are driven by what our systems are capable of telling us. That is not strategically friendly or won’t give us the answer to some key HR questions - WHY is this happening?

Recently I was reviewing my organisation’s turnover and wanted wto understand some of the key drivers behind our spiking numbers. There was something fundamentally wrong and I wanted to use metrics to tell my board the story (and of course ultimately validate what I was saying to them).

It wasn’t easy to convince my recruitment team their every day standards metrics weren’t the answer. Their concern stemmed from a worry they were doing something wrong. My reassurance that it was simply a route to locating the problem area and then figuring out it’s causal factors so we could design an appropriate values based solution seemed to do the trick, they let me in.

Turnover is a ‘after the horse has bolted’ metric. I wanted see some ‘show me why’ metrics. It was an educational process. At the ISO technical committee for metrics what we do is globalise and verify through multi country participation, the practical way to applying metrics at global level.

Could your organisation benefit from global HR metrics?

To find out more on the ISO TC260 HR standards you can checkout the ISO TC260 here.


John Fillingham,

Metrics Committee Secretary