Is being more HUMAN the HR antedote to acting more corporate? 4 ways to be more 'human'

Is HR really acting as the conscience of the organisation right now? Are we being human enough?

I gave a talk yesterday at the American University of Rome (23rd June) on Culture and Business and as our discussions progressed we came to the conclusion, that despite many cultural differences, especially between those are united by a common language (?!?!) underneath it all we are still human beings that are looking for respect.

That got me thinking. It made me think about the latest research into motivation from the RSA (see their animated video from Dan Pink) and how 'PURPOSE' in our work is a major contribution to high levels of motivation and engagement.

How that connects into the business context depends on how ethical and what contribution our organsiations make to the community and the environments we operate in. More than just locally but on a global scale (we are suddenly very globally accountable - take climate change as an example).

So how does being more HUMAN help us get better results in HR and our organisation?

Being more human means we:

  1. Engage people more and stop 'telling' so much and involve people in key decisions
  2. Have open and honest conversations about personal performance and where we are going
  3. Take time to communicate and talk to people, to understand their own challenges and how the organisation can support them to overcome barriers to personal and work issues
  4. Realise business and organisations are really about PEOPLE (in our knowledge economy) and act as if that was true

Is being seen to be more HUMAN a weakness? No, that's what being a true leader and business partner is really all about in the HR function, or any come to that.

Hearts and minds as the cliche goes.

Go be more HUMAN today!

With my personal best wishes :-)

MD - Thinking HR