Brexit and the implications for HR

With the debate rolling on as to what could happen if Britain should exit the EU...I attach a very detailed document written by Michael Ford QC on behalf of the TUC but also there is a more straightforward article here listening the major things to consider.


If you imagine that many many parts of HR day to day operational legislation comes from Europe, it's not hard to imagine that it may well be a major source of change should we exit.



  • discrimination
  • pregnant workers, maternity and parental leave
  • part time, fixed and agency workers
  • working time, annual leave and night workers
  • collective consultation
  • TUPE
  • health and Safety
  • insolvency protection for employees
  • terms and conditions
  • social rights

There isn't much left! Whilst I'm sure the lot wouldn't disappear, but seriously watered down could mean backwards steps for basic HUMAN RIGHTS at work.


JOHN - Thinking HR