Could you be a great Brexit negotiator?

As the time is to step forward and lead the way on Brexit approaches, what skills and techniques make for a top negotiator and influencer? Many things are at stake here...reputations, careers and political livelihoods, but would you want the job? Of course it's an opportunity to flag fly your influencing and negotiation skills but could you handle it ...

So here we put forward some hot tips on how to get the best deal (in any situation)....

Clear positions

Preparation and planning are important, some people can wing it, but that's only for the very talented and experienced. The rest of us have to plan a high, middle and fall back position as these are important to have in your mind as part of your game plan. These are shaped by numerous factors of course, including your key stakeholders, as not to not understand their position on the matter, is a fatal one.

Only 1 position? Perhaps you're more Donald than Boris?

Partnership approach

Go in with a mindset that says, let's do this TOGETHER. It creates a win win, but more than that, it sends a message that says, we are in this for the long term, not to win this battle because there are wider consequences to the game in hand. It's a mindset of critical nature in all of the HR and business operational models.

It doesn't mean you have to join the 'club' but it does mean, you have to understand it and work with it.

Get creative

Creating movement is the goal here. Especially when you get stuck. Getting creative also means EVERYTHING IS NEGOTIABLE. This allows you to see more options than ever before, opens up the tabl, what you thought was fixed now has many smaller component parts which could be up for negotiation. There is never a simple, yes and no in negotiation.

Didn't General Schwarzkopf tell you that?

History is helpful but don't be tied to it...

Knowing the past history of any situation, key stakeholder interests etc is useful. You should know as much as possible, have as much data as you can to hand, but don't let that obsessively shape the future, this a time for new beginnings. The past can be a great sign post, but choose you new path wisely. Any previous leverage points have an expiration date.
Ever played chess?