5 reasons why a celebrity in your training or other videos, is a bad idea

Whilst Burger King may get 10/10 for making their staff training video a little more 'entertaining' (see article here) here is why celebrities are bad for your image:

thinking hr celebrity

1) Are they really role models for the behaviours you want to embed?
Rarely are celebrities the very embodiment of the values you may have in your corporate documentation. Usually the opposite, if you checked out the 'rap sheet' (arrest record) of many, you'd probably think again?

2) Are they truly a symbol of your brand?
Whether now, or in the immediate future, as so many are unpredictable, do they sum up what your organisation is about or your topic that you are asking them to bring to life? If they copied this style to customers, would customers 'get it'?

3) A great ROI?
In 2,3 or 5 years time will this still be funny/relevant/up to date? Will your investment get it's return or is it just another gimmick?

4) Instability
Celebrities come with many problems (usually). Their careers go up and down, they make silly comments on social media that land them in hot water. Is that a risk you can take?

5) Merely a temporary gain factor
In terms of engagement, the fact that you hired them and spent that money, maybe a wow factor for a few weeks and whip up a storm but how long will it last? Is it a cultural norm to do this style of thing...that is interesting in a whole line or interesting things that you normally do?

It may seem like a good idea at the time but often these things are regretted much later or found not to have quite the effect you expected. Great role models can enhance the message you are wanting to put across but choose wisely.