Asking the LGBT question in Recruitment - a step too far or just the ticket?


Is this a recruitment question leap of faith? Or a step too far? Or is it what is needed to help push the recognition of LGBT candidates as valuable employees in the workplace?

Some leading American banks and such as Facebook are posing this optional, yet potentially sensitive question.

Would you answer it?
Imagine you were in the LBGT community, open or closed about it, what would you do? If it were me, I'd have to researched the company's track record or try to understand their culture BEFORE opening up on paper.

A overtly masculine culture might make me feel more reticent but in a small organisation could it work?

In so many environments it just doesn't matter anymore but there are still many who haven't 'grown up' yet in their views and need an education process that is still a work in progress/

Am I just a number?
Are they doing this to boost their stats? This might be the question that runs through my mind. My only concern would be, once it's down on paper, it becomes electronic and therefore it would follow you wherever you go. If that doesn't bother you...then it doesn't bother me.

Understanding the intention
This for me is the key question. Where does this originate from, what's the motive and what will you do with the information if I give it to you. Does this protect me later on?

Coming from a good place, as long as it's well controlled and used with a positive intention, then I would be all for it. It's optional, so what's the problem.