HR is invaluable! HR makes a difference (says Lord Coe)

We often take the self critical route and think we aren't doing enough or the right things but then someone comes along and reminds us, we can do some great things.

Lord Coe comes out in support of HR. In this article, he talks about HR's role in diversity.

What other things can HR really do that makes a difference?

thinking hr - hr is great

If we break down the old fashioned way of looking at HR we see these headings:

  1. Recruitment
  2. Pay and Reward
  3. Training and Development
  4. Employee Relations
  5. Corporate Social Responsibility
  6. Organisational Development

So what makes HR 'pop' here?

Finding great quality candidates that have been treated well through a brand representative experience, who really understand what the job is about before they join and have the key mental attitude to make it work.

Innovative and up to date, transparent processes make reward fun, easy and understandable for employees (and managers alike). A flexible and adjustable benefits package suits the workforce.

There are opportunities in many forms to learn, which are easily identifiable and accessible when they are needed. 70/20/10 is used by line managers to actively support people get better. ROI is standard.

A great culture is propagated by competent leaders who value a diverse range of people and create a great climate in which to work. Poor performance is dealt with early and quickly in a positive, supportive manner. Everyone is treated equally and fairly.

The organisation is not only about profit but gives back to the community or environment that it operates in, engaging with staff members to align that work to something people have connections with.

We work hard to reduce meetings, levels of bureaucracy, build trust and remove barriers to performance and creativity in the work environment. We create a stimulating place to work.

See, easy really!