Steven Spielberg - Is the secret to Engagement an Emotional Trigger?

Is it all about the heart strings?

In this great video by Stephen Spielberg he talks about your inspiration being a whisper. The inspiration for what you love to do in life and it got me thinking, is Engagement really an emotional trigger that comes from what you love to do, people you enjoy being with, heading towards a great purpose, in an supportive and development and creative environment where the boundaries and goals are clear and you know where you stand?

In this inspirational speech Steven Spielberg tell us to listen to the whisper . ► For more Inspirational Videos: ► Subscribe To Our Channel Here: Transcript: The thing I really want to emphasize is, I didn't have a choice. I didn't have a choice . . .

The negatives of those situations trigger negative emotional responses, which therefore leads to dissatisfaction and in a Hertberg like way, disengages individuals and teams from what they were meant to do...emotionally enjoy and love their 'work' on every level. From organisational confidence, to purpose, to clarity on personal goals, to knowing exactly where they are performance wise and trusting their manager to support them and lead in the right direction.

Is this why ENGAGEMENT seems so difficult to grasp because the 'surveys' don't catch the real emotional issues involved??

I would also say that you should't be asking questions in your survey that you are too lazy to check on by other means...did you get an appraisal, how good was it etc that can be done by quality checking the 'process'.

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Is it possible to capture the emotional culture of a team, or an organisation?
I say yes, but you have to approach it in a different way. You can't wait a year to ask. It has to be more relevant than that, so what, when, how, why become critical to inform your choices over what to ask and when and what method to use. Technology is our benefactor here and more and more organisations and HR functions are waking up to the fact they NEED more on the spot feedback faster than ever before..the speed of change brings that to our door.

Hearts and minds is a favorite cliche but does it still hold true? Do you LOVE what you do and can wax lyrical about the work environment your operate in? Scale of 1-10? Above an 8 you're doing well. 5 or below...polish your Linkedin profile.