Is this an excuse to have a nap?

In this CIPD journal article, we see this business psychologist talk about time spent reflecting, meditating etc as a tool to become more effective, rather than looking busy. My question is, does it work, when is it relevant or is it an excuse to have a nap?

A danger zone of overthinking....
Our overthinking can leave us tired, mentally burnt out but is reflecting the answer? Mindfulness is the word of the day and it certainly has it's uses. Bringing you to the NOW, switching off the constant chatter of reviewing, planning for tomorrow and in facts gives us more creative thinking when we switch it back on.

Take a nap then?
Certainly we can benefit from giving ourselves a mental break. In terms of productivity, we terrible figures that tell us that logic in increasing hours and sending as many emails as possible on the train is not doing us, or our productivity any good. So reflect more? Maybe not....

Productivity doesn't grow on trees...
So if increasing our technology connection time (damn you email and smartphones!) and working longer hours isn't cutting it, what does? Having the mental space to get in touch with NOW and the reality of what's around us, being PRESENT becomes our biggest challenge. As doing good things, taking smart decisions NOW is the only thing you have. Great action now repays you in the future (behaving well, research on what your customers want, making good products etc).

Are you locked in the past... or the future?
We are already spend too much time in the past or in the future...searching for the answer to take us faster to our corporate or personal goal. Come to now, listen and watch and see the reality. The true picture of what your customers, team workers and bosses are saying, playing to your current strengths and making a difference now. Tomorrow is another world (and it doesn't really exist in the current state you think it does).

What tools can help unlock and improve our overthinking minds? What options do I have?
Tai Chi, meditation, yoga, relaxation breathing, music, books, rest, walks all of these things are typical examples of getting in touch with your mind, body and giving your brain a rest. You have to be disciplined to build it into your day. Plan it, do it. Stick to it. If only 10 could change your life. Find something that works for you, this is key..not every solution fits.

What people say they experience...
Mentally or's crucial to increased happiness, creativity and self contentment to give your brain a rest when you stop thinking. These are the benefits people report they get when practising these techniques, when they get it them to takes practice.

We are so badly trained to's a bad habit to get out an have to go cold turkey to really experience it.