Getting into bed with the millenials - 6 ways to make it work

How well do you know the force that is known as the 'Millenials'?

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In this article by the Guardian, you can see some excellent data and commentary on those who might elude your radar.

How might you deal with them in the workplace, are all the rumors true?

Millennials seek a challenge and do not want to experience boredom. Used to balancing many activities such as teams, friends, and philanthropic activities, millennials want flexibility in scheduling and a life away from work.

Millennials need to see where their career is going and they want to know exactly what they need to do to get there. Millennials await their next challenge – there better be a next challenge.

Millennials are the most connected generation in history and will network right out of their current workplace if these needs are not met. Computer experts, millennials are connected all over the world by email, instant messages, text messages, and the Internet.

6 Tips to getting the best out of your Millenials

Provide a flexible framework
Reports have monthly due dates. Jobs have fairly regular hours. Certain activities are scheduled every day. Meetings have agendas and minutes. Goals are clearly stated and progress is assessed. Define assignments and success factors. However, do it with fun and from home, as long the work gets done...

Provide sympathetic leadership
Millennials want to look up to you, learn from you, and receive daily feedback from you. They want “in” on the whole picture and to know the scoop. They need and want your very best investment of time in their success.

Encourage the millennial's confidence, "can-do" attitude, and positive personal self-image.
Millennials are ready to take on the world. Their parents told them they can do it - they can. Encourage - don't limit them or contain them.

They are team orientated
Encourage them to join. They are used to working in groups and teams. In contrast to the lone ranger attitude of earlier generations, millennials actually believe a team can accomplish more and better - they've experienced team success. Millennials usually gather in groups and play on teams; you can also mentor, coach, and train your millennials this way.

Up for a challenge and change
Boring is really bad. They seek ever-changing tasks within their work. What’s happening next is their mantra. Don’t bore them, ignore them, or trivialise their contribution.

Millennial employees are multi-taskers
On a scale you’ve never seen before. Talk on the phone while doing email and answering multiple instant messages - it's the norm. In fact, without many different tasks and goals to pursue within the week, the millennials will likely experience boredom.