Your most embarassing moments in the office

We have all had them. In this article in the HR Grapevine, we see the top 10 most embarrassing situations and incidents with corresponding statistics.

The good news is -  you are not alone :-)

My most memorable was a spilling burning hot coffee over my hands before a key interview. A definite avoid in recruitment situations! Those drinks are just a recipe for disaster.

So here are the top 5...

1. Spilling something down your clothes just before an important meeting - 22.35%

2. Accidentally clicking reply all to a private email - 19.85%

3. Making small talk at the tea point or queuing for the microwave - 17.35%

4. When your boss calls you the wrong name and you don't know how to correct them 16.90%

5. Bumping into a colleague in the toilets - do you say hello? - 16.70%

The last one always gives me the jitters...what's the etiquette...should you make small talk or is that just too personal?