Is our thinking literally killing us? What can we do to stop it?

Or at least making us very sick?

If you have ever read any of the well crafted work of Eckhart Tolle (the Power of Now) it might give you some insight into his rather radical views on thinking (or maybe not so far off what we are beginning to realise) and he certainly would agree with my headline.

I've struggled with an overactive mind for many years and have read extensively (within the realms of time possibility) on the subject and still have yet to really make any long lasting indents into it, until now. I've always got frustrated by being aware of it, but nothing seeming to work or create lasting change.

I've always felt that:

  • I've constantly lived in the future (always looking ahead) and aiming for something better (the present not being good enough, obviously)
  • Constantly analysed what happened yesterday, to see how I could have done it better
  • Worried that I'd make a mistake and people would hate me for it (the drive for perfectionism)
  • Pushed myself hard, otherwise be seen as lazy

Can you identify with these?

All of those things have led to compulsive over thinking and there only seem a very few select and sometimes expensive ways of getting away from it. Well my world has been turned upside down (or should I say my thinking has) by Eckhart's text.

Again the first few chapters I quickly identified with. So I'm already practising stopping thinking and probably you're be familiar with the next piece of terminology I'll use, mindfulness, in the sense of getting in touch with right now, because the future and the past just create fear and pain and certainly are a major driver in continuous (painful) thinking.

I haven't mastered it all yet, but I'm making in roads, by simply focusing on the right now.

  • Nothing other than because this moment is all we have, there is nothing else.

  • Good (sensible, balanced) actions create a good future, so do good things and the future will repay you in kind

  • Stop thinking and look and listen and feel your surroundings. Observe yourself. Watch yourself and how you are in your life, it's the best way to get some objective perspective.

The Power of Now
What he says in his book is that our overthinking is taking us over, we aren't 'living' anymore and it makes us more open to sickness and disease because we constantly fill our heads with negativity, fear and worry, which tires us, which doubles the effect.

So stop your constant processing of useless information (and analysing of the past and trying to control the future), get in touch with now and stop thinking! It will set you free.

Good Luck.