Is this part of your well being strategy? Parenting Classes?

In this article on City firms hiring Parenting consultants to give seminars on how to be a parent one might be surprised but the reality is organisations can do quite a lot to help the mental well being of their staff in all sorts of home/life situations that cause them stress, this just being one example.

thinking parenting

Why Parenting Classes?
The expectations and stress associated with children from starting out to teenagers can be enormous for first time parents especially when juggling the career/home balance. Beyond that I think it's often about bringing people together with common issues for them to talk about in a supportive atmosphere.

What else?
The key areas of our lives that in-house training could support people to deal with better include:

  • Finance and managing your finances
  • Personal Relationships
  • Health and physical well being
  • Career planning and personal development
  • Self esteem and self confidence
  • Essential literacy and numeracy (maths and english) plus other languages if appropriate

These are fundamental to how we operate and function fully as a human being and often this is where traditional education institutions let us down. I hear stories of well paid grads coming in with grammar issues, shocking, or maybe not.

What are you doing to support people's well being both physical and mental in your organisation?