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Nature vs nurture - raw talent or trained?

Do you believe in nature or nurture or both?

Many organisations get talent development wrong. They often focus on trying to patch weaknesses or areas of disinterest up to the levels of strength - very unlikely, no wonder L&D has such a bad name.

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Why should we love HR and L&D? The Organisational Profit/Value Equation!

More and more leaders are seeing the benefits of a people focused strategy. 

Not only does this extend to external customer demands and understanding but what sits in the 'engine' of organisational success is undoubtably an engaged and capable workforce.

In this info-graphic we see the critical elements of organisational success (profit or value depending on your status):

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The Biggest Business Partner Challenge and Opportunity for L&D Professionals - 4 steps to success

The criticism leveled at L&D departments is frustrating. There are so many great professionals out there who want to create a skilled and talented workforce if they were only given the freedom, budget and more importantly the support from senior managers.

Is that expectation to high? We come back to the chicken and the egg scenario. If you want support you need to get results, if you want results you need to have the budget to implement a programme. Are there other ways to make a difference? Get noticed? Get great results and create impact?

Our info-graphic highlights the important points in 4 very key areas of focus. They are the foundations of a successful approach to L&D practice.

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