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How well are you aligned to Business Excellence and Business Strategy?

Don't know where to start? Is your Business Strategy not on track? Not sure how to get there?

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The Biggest Business Partner Challenge and Opportunity for L&D Professionals - 4 steps to success

The criticism leveled at L&D departments is frustrating. There are so many great professionals out there who want to create a skilled and talented workforce if they were only given the freedom, budget and more importantly the support from senior managers.

Is that expectation to high? We come back to the chicken and the egg scenario. If you want support you need to get results, if you want results you need to have the budget to implement a programme. Are there other ways to make a difference? Get noticed? Get great results and create impact?

Our info-graphic highlights the important points in 4 very key areas of focus. They are the foundations of a successful approach to L&D practice.

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Is being more HUMAN the HR antedote to acting more corporate? 4 ways to be more 'human'

I gave a talk yesterday at the American University of Rome (23rd June) on Culture and Business and as our discussions progressed we came to the conclusion, that despite many cultural differences, especially between those are united by a common language (?!?!) underneath it all we are still human beings that are looking for respect.

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